Handball player from Ukraine (16) trains with premier league side

What does a talented handball player who’s had to leave his homeland do? Maksym, a 16-year old from Ukraine, shares accommodation with other Ukrainian refugees in WIKA’s plant 3 in Klingenberg. In the meantime, however, he is training at TV Großwallstadt – thanks to a WIKA employee.
Kerstin Wüst found out about the young man at an encounter event organised for the refugees. Maksym had played handball as a goalkeeper in his home country, and quite ambitiously. When the WIKA employee told him that the regional handball team, TV Großwallstadt, plays in the premier league, and runs an academy for talented young players, he was very interested indeed.
TV Großwallstadt were quick to agree
When asked if Maksym could train at the academy, he was promptly accepted. The young handball player from Ukraine now trains five times a week in Großwallstadt − with great enthusiasm. The team has welcomed him warmly. The coach and his team colleagues all acknowledge his talent and total commitment.
Since Kerstin Wüst’s son, Cedric, is a junior player in the academy of the premier league handball team, Maksym (in the photo on the right with Cedric) always gets a ride in the “family taxi” to training and back. Fortunately, there are many people at WIKA who are offering a helping hand, either through accommodation or finding jobs, or with support and integration. Uncontrollable helps to ensure a return to some measure of normality, and it makes a great deal much more tolerable.
Further information on the company can be found on the WIKA website.
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